Monol Explores Ocean Adventure


The Philippines is an archipelago, a feature making the country known for its breath-taking bodies of water. Consequently, as diverse as the country’s culture, these waters are home for a number of life forms. On this weekend trip, Monol took 15 students to one of the Philippines’ marine sanctuaries for the first time – Subic Ocean Adventure.

Subic Ocean Adventure is located in the northern coast of Subic, Zambales. This theme park displays presentations such as dolphin show, sea lion presentation, and forest animal presentation alongside with the aquariums, 3D wall art, and animal encounter. There are two sets of shows every day – the first starts at 9 am and the last one starts at 2 pm.

The first day of July this year marked the first Monol trip to the said destination. The students departed from Monol at 7:30 to catch the 2:00 pm shows. Coming from Baguio, the trip took around 5 hours.

Upon arrival, the pack walked along the aisles of Ocean Discovery Aquarium and Ocean the Art where they took pictures with 3D walls. They also watched the “Wild World” a show presenting forest animals, took pictures with the mascots, and watched the dolphin show. The last show, Sea Lion Marine Patrol, was enjoyed by students as it tackles environmental issue.

Aside from Ocean Adventure, there are other weekend trip destinations students could enjoy. Monol weekend trip destinations include the historic city of Vigan, tranquil Tangadan falls, infamous Hundred Islands, magnificent Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake, and Surfing Capital San Juan.


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